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Manuela Compri

Old Port

Old Port

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the characteristics of the work

Data sheet






Print on wood. Retouched and signed by the artist


MDF panel 2cm

Print run


The artist

He was born in Verona in 1976 where he attended the state art school.
He lives in Genoa and works between Genoa and Verona.

Manuela Compri embraces Genoa, enchants it and returns it dazzling with light and color, golden with fairy dust, so that it can fly up to the clouds, with its bell towers, so close to each other, with the overlapping houses to make you happy .
Colors superimposed on color to weave fragments of enchanted lives. Genoa of port and sky, soul celebrating the arrival of ships, Arab windows and unpredictable gardens, if we have heart and innocence this is what we see.

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